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An ever-changing Menu with Bihari, Rajasthani, Awadhi, Gujarati, and Punjabi cuisines

About Gaon

Come To Indulge In A Feeling That Is Gaon

Gaon is a feeling of true nostalgia. The restaurant brings authentic Indian cuisine in an ethnic theme and setting, making it the best-themed restaurant in Delhi.

Our chefs strive to deliver the feeling and taste you associate with a home-cooked Bihari or Rajasthani meal by staying true to the origin of each regional dish. At Gaon, our goal is to recreate the magic of authenticity and it can be felt right away with our rustic ambiance. The interiors of Gaon have been artistically put together to resemble the radiance of rural India; so when you step in, you are transformed into a feeling of cultural reminiscence. Gaon has been awarded the top-10 restaurants in Delhi in several F&B events, making us a prominent name in the restaurant industry.

Come witness the genuine intersection of the vintage charm, imperial food, and a refined character that is distinctive to Gaon.

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